Manchester City 2-1 Manchester United: Collecting issues

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Manchester City 2-1 Manchester United: Collecting issues after the FA Cup final game, the Blues won the title for the 7th time สมัคร ufabet.

1. Ilkay Gundogan makes FA Cup history

Ilkay Gundogan’s shots are not just quality. But also broke records. This was the fastest goal score in FA Cup final history.

The previous recor was held by Louis Saha. Who scored for Everton after just 25 seconds in the 2009 final.

When it comes to stats it’s usually a striker or a winger. So what a midfielder like Gundogan can do, especially in important games, is impressive.

The German midfielder was crown man of the match for his two solo goals in the game. With his contract expiring this summer, City will have to convincingly extend the German midfielder’s contract further.

2. Bruno Fernandes with a penalty that can always truste

With Cristiano Ronaldo gone, Bruno Fernandes is now Manchester United’s number one penalty taker, taking the 48th penalty in his professional football career.

Out of 53 attempts, the Portuguese midfielder missed just five, this time Bruno’s unmistakable kill when going in the opposite direction of Ortega.

Bruno’s goal helped United get back into the game as they were clearly second to Manchester City at the time, however, the Red Devils only maintained the momentum for 18 minutes before Gundogan’s second goal in the 51st minute.

3. Man City close to winning the treble

Victory over city rivals Manchester City took them one step closer to winning the treble.

After winning a third successive Premier League title, Inter Milan are now the last obstacle standing in the way of Pep Guardiola winning the Champions League.

Manchester United were the only English team to win the treble in 1998-99 under Sir Alex Ferguson.

However, City now have a chance to equal that record when they travel to the Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul. next week with full confidence.

4. John Stones fits in perfectly with Pep’s tactics.

John Stones put in a brilliant performance in the final. The England international was forced into midfield as the team took possession. Which he pairs up with Rodri without any awkwardness.

In fact, Stones played many roles. He stretched out to play at right-back. And go down to center back with Ruben Dias as well. When the team has to play defensively, causing Marcus Rashford. Who is the bearer of Manchester United’s offensive game, to create almost no danger

Stones is rated as one of the underrated players and has made impressive progress this season. Part of it must be admired by Pep, who has captured the 29-year-old footballer to become a versatile player like this.

5. Pep’s way of winning

Apart from the two goals Gundogan scored, Manchester City have a lot of credit for Pep Guardiola’s deployment of a tricky and unique tactic.

When playing offensively, they are very fast and very flashy, using Erling Haaland as a ball breaker. In this game, Manchester City finds up to 5 shots on target and must watch Gundo’s sharpness. each other. Who are often inserte to score goals often from Pep’s tactics

When playing defensively, Manchester City forced Manchester United to find only 3 shots on target, especially making Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho create the least impact.

Pep also made a bold decision to give second-choice goalkeeper Stefan Ortega a chance to start in the cup. And he was instrumental in keeping City from conceding a second goal when they denied Rafael Varane’s close-range shot late in the first half.