Arsenal boss confirms Smith Rowe is back in practice

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Arsenal boss confirms Smith Rowe is back in practice, close to being ready to play.

• Smith Rowe has only played two games for Arsenal this season.
• The player has a knee injury.

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta is delighted that midfielder Emile Smith Rowe has return to training with the team again. After being injured and resting for a long time almost two months ago.

England national team midfielder He has faced injuries throughout the past 2 years.

He had groin surgery that required him to rest for almost 5 months. Before most recently encountering a knee injury. and had to take a long break again. Before being able to return to practice over the weekend. This is good news for the players. and the team is facing injury problems for many players within the team

“What he went through is part of the experience that 95% of footballers go through. It is extremely difficult. Facing injuries, returning to practice and faced with recalling playing form Now he’s back. And he can use what happened source of strength for himself. He will even better player.”

“I think he’s back on the right track. He had completed his rehabilitation period. I haven’t seen him yet. But I think his teammates met him again on the practice field. It would be a very good thing. The same is true of his chances of playing. Make our good things even better than before. So we hope everything goes smoothly,” Mikel Arteta told ยูฟ่าเบท

Arsenal’s next game is a trip to PSV Eindhoven in the final Champions League group B game, where they have already qualified as group champions.