What is the BlackJack 1326 formula?

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The 1326 strategy is known as the ancestor of the BlackJack 1326 money formula that players around the world are familiar with. This formula has been widely use since around 2006. The concept of this strategy is bet 1 unit, win 1 unit, if the loss is 0. This strategy is suitable for gambling games with a chance of winning 50: 50. And there are not many betting styles like blackjack.

The working principle of the BlackJack 1326 formula is that we must divide the available funds into investment units first. Then divide the betting round into 4 rounds, each round will bet differently. Namely round 1 bet 1 unit, round 2 bet 3 units, round 3 bet 2 units and the last round bet 6 units. Which If we can win every round We will get a total profit of 12 units with only 2 units of capital. Plus the risk is as low as 20%UFABET 

But the important condition of using the 1326 formula is that if we lose in any round. Always go back to start round 1. Let’s just look at this table will see how in each round. We will be able to make a profit or a loss.