Example blackjack games.

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Have seen the technique of drawing cards for visual understanding. I will give an Example blackjack games through online casinos. Let’s see Example blackjack as follows.

  • Let’s open the game assuming that I play with two legs at the same time. Bet 50 per leg
  • The first card the dealer has 3 points. So there is a chance that the dealer will get the highest score of 13 – 14 points if the second card is 9 or 10 points.UFABET 
  • My first card was a pair of 55. As a rule, I couldn’t split. So I chose to hit because if I had a double, I would only be able to draw one card.
  • My other leg had 16 points while the dealer’s first card was 3 points. So I followed the formula by standing because the score was high and I didn’t want to risk too much.
  • After hitting the first pile and getting a J. It means that now I have a total of 20 points, of course I have to Stand, the only way to lose to the dealer is to get hit by the dealer until I get 21 points only, but it has a very difficult chance. And it’s a pity that I didn’t choose Double Down. But it’s a risk that we can accept.
  • When I’ve already stood on both legs The dealer must follow the rules, that is, hit until the total score is 17 points or more before being able to stand. This time I won both legs. get a profit of 100 baht (payout ratio 1: 1 for normal wins)