Cruyff reiterates that Barcelona will not issue weapons in the winter market.

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Geordie Cruyff has admitted it is impossible for Barcelona to make any move in the January transfer window due to football La Liga salary cap issues.

Barcelona sporting director Jordi Cruyff has reaffirmed that. The Azulgra are expected to calmly move through the winter transfer window due to Financial Fair Play rules. They are not allowed to perform as expected. According to a report from ‘Deerio Sport’ on Thursday. 

Barcelona have been linked with some players after it was reported that. Azulgrana coach Xavi Hernandez wanted a replacement for the previously announced retired Gerard Pique. But due to financial constraints and La Liga’s salary cap requirements. UFABET They won’t be able to make much moves during January. 

‘The chairman has said the issue of fair play is very difficult. The chairman has said it publicly Yes, it’s almost impossible’

‘It’s not about being pessimistic or optimistic. it’s true If it can’t be done, it can’t and we’ll keep going with the squad we have. And 17 World Cup players means we have a competitive team.’

‘Of course in football we always want to improve. And we have the idea to do this and that. But if we can’t Let’s go and in the league we are on a good track. And I hope we continue to do so in the second part of the season,’ said Cruyff.