Discover University Housing That Gives You a Warm Feeling of Community

The impressive Winthrop Hall is one of Lesley University's housing options.

An unforgettable campus experience starts with university housing. Living with other students is the fastest way to get to know people! Lesley University offers 22 residences on campus. As an international student in the Global Academic Advantage program at Lesley University, you will find a comfortable, safe, and fun environment.

There’s more to university life than studying, homework, and getting good grades! This is your opportunity to learn about U.S. culture, while sharing customs and traditions from your own country. Because of the student population, Cambridge is diverse and other students embrace the chance to learn more about you and your background.

One of Lesley's historic Victorian houses is also a housing choice for students.
Housing choices include historic Victorian-style houses with updated rooms and amenities.

Make It Your Own

Each residence has its own unique culture. You could live in a historic Victorian house, suite-style accommodations, or a traditional residence hall. It’s also possible to choose special-interest housing, including wellness, community service, and substance-free living, depending on your interests.

Most residence halls feature common rooms and meeting areas, kitchenettes, televisions, and laundry facilities. Some of the buildings have elevators and are accessible for students with physical disabilities.

All our residences are smoke-free and have Internet access. Each room comes with the essentials: a bed, dresser, desk, and closet. One of the best parts of moving somewhere new is making it your own, so think of what you can bring from home to add a personal touch to your room!

Art students add a personal touches to their room that reflect their individuality.
These students have personalized their room with creative touches such as artwork, posters, and wall hangings.

Be Part of a Community

Our residence halls are managed by professional live-in staff and by Community Advisors, commonly referred to as CAs. Your CA is an older student who acts as a positive resource for students, helping plan study groups, movie nights, and many other activities. They build a warm feeling in the residence hall. Chances are, you’ll come to see your Community Advisor as a mentor and friend.

Safe Residences

Our residence halls are located in quiet and safe neighborhoods. The Public Safety Office makes sure our community remains secure. Public Safety officers patrol all three campuses, provide escorts, and maintain order during emergencies. They are well trained and know how to keep the campus safe.

Lesley University's White Hall is a housing choice for many students, who like to be close to the main campus facilities.
The housing choices at Lesley include typical American university-style residences like those in White Hall. One of Lesley’s two dining halls is located on the first floor.

This is just a taste of the housing options at Lesley University. You’ll be living with people who come from all over the U.S. and the world. Come and experience it for yourself!

Learn more about the Global Academic Advantage program, specially designed for international students like you.

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