What is the cause of “dizzy” after waking up? Is it dangerous?

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What is the cause of “dizzy” after waking up? Is it dangerous?

After waking up, it should be a time when our body is refreshed because we have fully recharged our body’s batteries. (except for just a few hours of sleep, you have to wake up May cause sleepiness and still feel exhausted Because I still haven’t fully rested), but if I am confident that I have slept adequately for more than 6 hours, why do I wake up feeling dizzy when I wake up? Let’s see the reasons at ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com

Why is it dark after waking up?

Dizziness after waking up arising from the body And the heart can’t adjust after getting up from bed after waking up immediately It’s like fainting caused by bending over and getting up. Or look up quickly as well. But dizziness after waking up is more likely for the elderly than young people. If we lie down and then get up quickly at an angle of 90 degrees, our heart may contract faster to allow blood to feed the brain in time. When the heart cannot pump blood to the brain in time Therefore, there may be blackouts occurring.

dark face after waking up Is it dangerous?

Feeling dizzy after waking up is just one of the symptoms that can occur as we get older. The heart cannot pump blood to the brain as quickly as in youth. There is no serious danger. Only if you already have a heart-related disease. If you have severe dizziness after waking up It can be dangerous in terms of falling and hitting things. Or fall down the stairs of the house, etc.

How to prevent dizziness after waking up

  1. After waking up in the morning Take the time to slowly get out of bed. Slowly nod your head up. Slowly tilt your body, planting your feet on the floor. Handle for the headboard or edge of the bed Then slowly get up from the bed. Let your body gradually adjust.
  2. exercise regularly Especially cardio Or cardio exercises such as walking, running, aerobics, cycling, swimming to keep your heart healthy. pump blood to the brain faster If anyone has a congenital disease related to the heart Talk to your doctor before you start exercising.
  3. Get enough rest, sleep 6-8 hours a day.
  4. Eat food from all 5 food groups.

If you continue to feel faint after waking up Consult a doctor to find out the real cause.