5 Reasons to Study at the Global Academic Advantage Program at Lesley University

It’s graduation time here at Lesley University, and members of the Class of 2018 have received their diplomas. Graduation is a time for celebration, and it’s also the time for new beginnings. As you think about the future, what kind of higher education path can you take in the U.S.A., to provide you with the knowledge and practical skills to achieve your goals? Here are five ways that you would benefit from completing your degree at Lesley University.

1 Get a Head Start on Your Career
When you graduate from Lesley, you will have already had work experience. How is that possible? Because you will have completed at least one internship before you graduate. We work with you to find a rewarding internship that provides more than 300 hours of work experience in your field of study. To learn more about our internship program and what it could mean for you, visit here.

2 Combine Practicality with Passion
You (and your parents) choose a university for a practical reason: You want a good career when you graduate. But you also have a passionate side to your personality that makes you who you are. Your passion might be art, music, technology, or sports. At Lesley, you don’t have to pick practicality over passion. You can do both. For example, you can take courses in User Experience and in Business. Or take classes in Psychology and Music.

Check out our College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and College of Art and Design programs. You can also customize your degree program, selecting from over 80 minors. With so many options, you can choose subjects that align with your unique interests and passions—and tap into your unlimited potential.

3 Study in the City of Universities
The cities of Boston and Cambridge in Massachusetts attract more than 250,000 students from across the U.S.A. and around the world. In addition to Lesley, the universities in Cambridge include Harvard and M.I.T. You can take advantage of Lesley’s libraries, galleries, and amenities, and also explore the museums and libraries at Harvard and M.I.T.

The number of students in the area creates an energy and a vibrant culture that keeps life exciting. You can go to the cinema, a pub or dance club with friends, to an anime festival, a sports event, or to a Broadway-caliber musical in Boston.

4 Feel like a Family
When we talk with international students, they always point out that our campus community is very friendly and welcoming. That’s something we hear a lot. As Yiran Li from China explains in this video, “you can make lots of friends, and it feels like a big family.”

The Student Support team in the Global Academic Advantage program will help you feel at home from your first day. They’ll introduce you to everything: where to eat, how to get around, and where to find the things you need. You’ll quickly learn the ropes and be on your way toward making memories with new friends.

5 Get the Help You Need to Succeed
It’s exciting to study in the U.S.A. and discover new experiences. The Global Academic Advantage program was created to provide all the support you need. Courses have been designed with cultural immersion in mind, not just geared toward academic study and improving English. You’ll be introduced to social and cultural activities on and off campus. With these and other student supports, you’ll feel confident and ready for new possibilities.

Lesley graduates love to personalize their caps, also known as mortar boards.

Graduation ceremonies mark the end, but also a beginning. Where do you see yourself at the end of your journey? What university experience will get you there? At Lesley University, we’ll help you find the answers. You can picture yourself crossing the stage, reaching for that diploma, ready for whatever’s next.

Start your Lesley University journey today! Visit lesleyglobal.com or email us at globaladvantage@lesley.edu for more information.

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